Archemedian Screw

A low lift but continuous flow displacement pump. All metallic model, complete with water reservoir ..

De-Lavel Turbine

The model is of the best known turbine working on 40 lb per square inch steam pressure. Buckets are ..
 Deepwell Turbine Pump

Deepwell Turbine Pump

This is a working model mounted on cast iron base. Turbine pump is fitted at the bottom and 220 volt..
 Different Impellers of Pumps & Turbines

Different Impellers of Pumps & Tubines

Each model mounted separately on wooden base. a Mixed Flow Runner Cast Aluminium 180 mm in Dia b..
 Hydraulic Press Model

Hydraulic Press Model

Very superior with cast metallic parts, actual working model fitted on metal base. ..

Kaplan Turbine

The section cut big size non working model of the most powerful turbine is fitted on wooden base wit..

Pelton Turbine (with Dynamometer)

Same as per Cat no. 1285 but equipped with a dynamometer, simple zero non resetlable revolution coun..
 Pendulum Pump

Pendulum Pump

The water lifting device is consisting of a pendulum frame alternately dips, scope and raises water ..

Radial Turbine Pump

It is an all metallic properly constructed model, one side is covered with plexi glass showing inter..

Rotary Pump

This is an all metallic, properly constructed, small size model. Vanes driven by inner slotted cylin..
 Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

A non-working model. The pump along with driving motor is placed in a section out housing of tube we..

Air or Steam Pressure Turbine

This is an all metallic two stage working model, properly constructed. The rotor with shaft is on ba..

Centrifugal Pump (Cut Section)

Original second hand, section cut and repainted model. ..
Centrifugal Pump (Model)

Centrifugal Pump (Model)

An all metallic section cut small size demonstration model made of cast aluminium parts. Rotator pre..

Differential Accumulator