Behive Shelve


Buchner Funnel

Bunsen Burner

Burette Clamp

Cavity Plate

Crucible With Lid

Crucible With Lid is made of porcelain, used basically for heating chemicals & reagents in chemistry lab.It is also avaialble in SILICA material,an export worthy quality.

Dessicator Plate

Dessicator Plate is made of porcelain, used inside dessicator.

China Dish

Evaporating Basin or China Dish is used for heating Reagents. It is made of Porcelain.Available in Different Sizes:- 2" Dia2.5" Dia3" Dia4" Dia6" Dia8" Dia 

Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar is used for crushing chemicals & other lab material. Available in different sizes : 3",4",5",6".Available in two different materials: Porcelain & Soda Glass.

Rubber Tube

Rubber Tube coil comes in different varieties, sizes & qualities.I.D. Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10mmVarieties: Red,Extra Soft & Green Type pressure tubing's.

Spirit Lamp (Glass)

Spirit lamps are of different material. These in the picture are of soda glass, in hexagonal & round shape.

Spirit Lamps

Spirit Lamps are used in chemistry lab for heating purpose. Available in different metallic material & capacities.Material: S.S.; Aluminium, Brass & Soda Glass.Capacity: 60ml, 100ml & 125ml.

Spring Balance

Spring Balance 100gm to 1000gm, Plastic Flat100gm to 1000gm, Tubular Acrylic

Test Tube Stand 

Test Tube Stand comes in various material & Sizes.Material: Wooden, Aluminium , Plastic etc. It can be formed according to various capacities & sizes.Sizes:12mm, 12 Hole12mm, 24 Hole15mm, 12 Hole15mm, 24 Hole18mm, 12 Hole18mm, 24 Hole25mm, 12..

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand is Made of different material like S.S. & Iron Powder Coated. It can of different qualities depending upon the heavyness of material. Comes in two different sizes 6" & 8" commonly.

Universal Clamp

A very superior quality clamp, di pressed & powder coated.

Wire Gauge

with asbestos centre, Routine Quality with asbestos centre & Frame with Ceramic Centre 6"