Universal Force Table (Superior) with Brass Slotted Weights & Brass Pulleys

It consists of cast aluminium plate of 400 mm dia. Graduated in 360 degrees. The table is fitted on a case iron stable base with leveling screws to make the table in leveled position. It is possible to fix the table in any desired position. Supplied will five set of brass nickelled  slotted weights each set containing nine weights and one hangerof 50 gms. Complete with five sliding clamping pulleys to fix up the same

Link Polygon Apparatus without Weights

The apparatus is provided with five linkages and connectors, having hooks to which pans are hung. These are fixed between two spring balances. The unit is very useful for the study of arches, abutment sand piers. The wooden rectangular beam is fitted with scale.

Apparatus to study equilibrium of non concurrent forces with iron Slotted Weights

It consists of wooden board of 50 * 60 cm, fitted with metal guides on all four edges, rectangular sheet of hard board, two champ pulleys, cord, one three leaf linkage lever

Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus

A woodenboard of 50x60 cm. withwall brackets, two frictionlessclamp pulleys,and three set of slottedweightsof iron

Law of Conservation of Mass (Collision in 2-D Apparatus)

The apparatus consists of an attractive and durable curved track grooved in the middle on which rolls a steel ball, can be clamped on the table. A leveling screw is provided under the base to make the lower end of track horizontal. The track carries an adjustable automatic release system to permit setting of the ball at exactly the same starting point for multiple runs. An adjustable support attached to base holds the second ball directly in the path of the first or displaced form the path to cause the collisionto occur at differentanglesand at differentdistancefrom the end of the track.

Parallel Forces Apparatus (Tubular Spring Balance) with 1 Kg Iron Conical Weight 2 PC.

(Simple supportedbeam type supportedat its ends) For verificationof condition of equilibrium of parallel forces, law of lever and forces on beam etc. Consisting of two compression thrust type 10kg. tubular spring balances fixed on wooden polished board, a wooden bar with steel back plate. Complete with stirrups,hooks and two 1kg.Weights.

Parallel Forces Apparatus Overhand Beam type

The apparatus is with two circular dial type 10kg. extensionspring balances.Completewith suitablestands, with scale and slots at regular intervals, four stirrups, hooks and two 1kg.Weights.

Bell Crank Lever on Angle Iron Base with Weights

The apparatus consistsof the followingparts:
i) A lever of well seasonedwood having horizontal arm 75 cm and vertical arm 20 cm.
ii)A spring balanceof 10kg capacitrywith adjustablewing nut at shorterend.
iii)A set of slootedcast iron weightsof 0.5 kg with necessaryone hang (four allottedweightsand one hangerof 0.5 kg. Total weights2.5 kg the completearrangementin mountedon steel frameagainstwall. But withoutfoundationbolts.

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